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Brand new crash bandicoot game ps4 coming January 27 2017

collect all relics

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level 1 N. shattered beach enemies/obstacles crab turtle pit type beach/jungle

level 2 Jungle Pastures enemies skunk rolling stone venus fly trap type jungle

level 3 The gate docks flame rolling monkey sheild native spiked pillar turtle venus fly trap type village

level 4 boulder stronghold boulder pit type mountains

level 5 Straming island venus fly trap flying fish type river

boss 1 Ripper Roo

teleporter 1 requires 8 relics 1 gem and 3 crystals level 6 Stoney Cove rolling stones skunk venus fly trap turtle type jungle

level 7 Hoggy Lagoon sheild native spiked pole pit type hog

level 8 Native castle flame rolling monkey sheild native spiked pole turtle venus fly trap type village

you activated the 1st teleporter of 2

level 9 Up the town creek flying fish venus fly trap rolling monkey type river

boss 2 Papu Papu

teleporter main needs 15 relics 6 gems 7 crystals

level 10 The lost terrace bats flame lizard sliding pillar

level 11 Temple forest bats spiders closing pillar snakes spears flame

level 12 Bridge to warehouse hog turtle

level 13 boulder factory boulder venus fly trap

level 14 hog field (requires 13 relics) sheild native spiked pole

level 15 sunset catacombs bats flame lizard sliding pillar

boss 3 komodo joe

you activated the main teleporter

level 16 machinery crypt holoprojecter pipe steam pipe hovering robot spiked robot crawlers

level 17 cortex citadel electric orb electric pipe machine gunner robot slime

level 18 powering mines holoprojecter spiked robot television screen

level 19 toxic lakes waster barrel slime barrel thrower

boss 4 Pinstripe

level 20 The high vault hog turtle

level 21 slippery armory birds lab assistant

level 22 the dark lair rat

level 23 dark empire (requires 22 relics) rat spider deadly spider

level 24 dark seas bats flame snake spider

level 25 Castle crypt holoprojecter robot

boss 5 N. oxide

teleporter 2 home needs all relics 9 gems 10 crystals and 11 platinum relics

level 26 Lab Peak lab assistant blob

boss 6 CORTEX

rating 3/5

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